Saturday, September 24, 2011

Granny =)

Spent the day today celebrating my Granny Opals' 94th birthday. It is so amazing to me how well she is doing. She still has a great sense of humor and a sparkle in her eye. I remember as a kid wanting to pratically move in with her. When our family would go visit her I would run and jump in her bed and pretend to be asleep so mom and dad would let me never worked. I was thinking about her life today (the part I know since I've been alive) and the one thing that comes to my mind is "servant." She, as long as I've known her, has served people. From watching her numerous grandkids, to pratically raising others, to cooking meals everytime we came over. She has always put others needs before her own. She never thought twice about it. It was just her nature to put others first. She has a tremendously kind spirit and is a joy to be near. I know that God is proud of her. She has served him all her life. I hope to one day have people look back on my life and look at it the same. I want to be known as a servant. She has touched my life without even realizing it. She has truly lived her 94 yrs making sure others felt loved. So I wanted to dedicate this blog to one amazing, beautiful, and most loving grandmother....Opal.

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