Monday, August 8, 2011


Okay this is my very first experience with a blog but I am going to give it a shot..I wanted to start this blog in hopes that people will participate in a daily devotional. I will post everyday, a bible verse, topic, or word and I hope people will participate and share their thoughts on each subject.

First (and most important) subject.....Jesus

What does Jesus mean to you? How has he changed your life? or anything else you would like to share.

I'll go first...Merciful, Grace, unconditional Love, sacrifice, almighty, loving father. He has never left my side even when I deserved to be left. I never want to be apart from him.

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  1. Hope. When I think about Jesus and what He has done for me it gives me hope. No one matter what I am going through, good or bad He is right there holding me tight