Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mark 5:28

"For she thought, if I just touch His garments, I will get well."

Faith....How many times do we claim to have faith that God knows what he's doing, that he has our best interest at heart, and that he will follow through with his word. The lady in the scripture knew that all she had to do was come into his presence and she would be healed. Her faith, Jesus said, had healed her. "Daughter your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from suffering."
She didn't try to pay Jesus, she didn't have anything to offer, but yet she knew she had faith. This speaks volumes to me. Sometimes all we have left to offer Jesus is ourselves and thats all he has asked of us. To give him our very being and have faith that he will provide our every need.
Are you facing a mountain that looks to big for you to overcome? It is too big for us alone but we need to tell our mountain how big our God is. He wants to show us he can move mountains if we just cry out to him. We also must allow God to work in his timing also. Our time table is not Gods time table. He works behind the scenes when we feel he's let go of us.
Look at the story of Lazarus. His sisters called out to Jesus to heal Lazarus. They waited but Jesus had not come. We all know that Lazarus died and his sisters lost all faith. Can you blame them? He was dead and had already started the decaying process. Jesus knew....and this always gives me chills...that if he healed Lazarus immediately on all of their timing, the glory of the miracle would not be known. He waited til he was stinking and beyond the ability of the human mind to even comprehend that he would or could be healed. It was at that point that faith was all they had. What did the sister say to Jesus when she saw him? She said to him, Lord if you had been here my brother would still be alive. She had lost all faith cause Jesus did not perform in her timing. and Jesus replied, did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God? Chills again....Even after all hope was lost Jesus stepped in and performed his miracles. To this day having faith in Jesus Christ that he will perform his word and move mountains can be seen in this story. Although we may not see him working,, he is working!! Allow him to perform in his timing and you will see miracles above and beyond what your human mind could comprehend!!!
Father, I ask that even though we may not know your working, that we will have faith that you are working for our good. I ask that we will allow you to perform in your timing in Jesus name!! Amen

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