Monday, August 22, 2011

He works all things for Good =)

Sunday at church my pastor Brent told us a story about a man that would travel to Amsterdam to witness to people by handing out new testament Bibles to the druggies. One day a man asked if he could have a Bible,  not to read but he liked it cause the pages were good for rolling joints. The man thought for a moment then gave him a Bible under one condition. Before he ripped the pages out and rolled a joint he had to promise to read the page. The man agreed and went on his way. A few months later the man ran into the druggie but to his surprise, the man was saved. The man asked the former druggie what changed him. The man proceeded to tell him that he smoked Matthew, Mark, and Luke but when he got to John, John smoked him.
What I took from that was a couple things....the first was that the guy did not judge the druggie. Even though he knew what he was going to use the Bible for he knew that Gods word had power. The fact that the man trusted God to use it for good and He did. Sometimes we are just a vehicle for God. He can use anything for his perfect will. Its not our job to lecture, judge, or look down on people cause that just hinders what God is trying to do. He loves us all and no matter how messed up we are or how good we think we are. So trust God to work all things for good and do what he asks of us which is to Love one another as he loves us.

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